Dear Guest,

Welcome to my website.

I'm a young Hungarian artist who's passionate for what he love the most, art.

My love for art started when I was a little boy. My whole family is packed with amazingly talented people. Some of them are great in visual arts, some of them are great musicians, some of them are great in poetry and the list goes on.

I'm so grateful to my mother who introduced me to art when I was little.

If we had time we always went to museums and happenings.

When I got older I went to high school and studied visual art and history of art.

Later I wanted to go to the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts but I had been rejected and

I didn't have the opportunity to try it again. I went to Kodolányi János Collage instead and graduated there as a cultural manager. But it hasn't became my daily job, for seven years now I'm working as a video technician.

My love for drawing and art has been relegated but never forgotten until two years ago when the flame of my passion started burning again. My beautiful and beloved wife and my amazing family was encouraging me whole the time until I had the self-confidence to show my art to the world.

I made a website and I'm drawing, painting ever since.

Last year I had the opportunity to learn from a great Hungarian painter dr. Ferenc Kesztyűs, who's my mentor since then and I'm very proud that I can be his student.

He's the co-founder of the amazing silicone painting, which will be the next big thing! It's literally indestructible and has beautiful colors which won't fade out with time ever!

I really hope you like my artworks. If you do please let me know!

I'm all over social media so you can find me on instagram, facebook, twitter, even on youtube with drawing videos if you search for 5wingerone.

5wingerone is my nickname and kind of a brand now, so don't be confused, if it's 5wingerone then it's me Arnold Réthy!

Thank you for being interested about my work.

Best regards,